Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smoke,ear pierce or get a tattoo?

I just want to update that my no longer available for me. I won this from a contest and the blogger not transfer the domain to me and she avoiding me. It has expired and I cannot renew it also, the hosting is using pink host.

About the title, smoke, ear pierce or get a tattoo. It is something you can see every day, it is not only man but woman too. When I was studying in college, I got the pressure and stress I thought of whether I should smoke or get ear pierced, back then I don't think of tattoo. I think about health related too, smoking is bad for health and cigarettes are costly! But ear pierce is pretty and you can put on earrings that you prefer. The best thing is parents will not say NO for ear pierce as I know they will not happy with smoke and tattoo.

Do you think children today will seek their parents approval before getting a tattoo? My friend told me that there is no need to let them know about this. What you think?

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