Monday, May 17, 2010

Free three style faux leather bracelet

I am sure by now you know that I love contest, there is a contest that I need to work for it but I know that I cannot do it alone. There is 50 referral point to refer a friend for the contest. It's not much but still mean a lot to me.This giveaway is different from my previous which I give away the ribbon necklace with pendant.

I am going to giveaway the faux leather bracelet which can be used as jewelry for bag, and anklet. You can click on the link to see the pictures.

All you need to do is following blog the contest and mention here that you are refer by Sherry. Then only the points of referral will be counted. Remember that the two steps mention are important.

So far refer by Sherry
  1. PyNic
  2. KHIM
  3. Fiona Chan
  4. Wendy Pua 
  5. Wah Lilian
  6. Are you next?
You can check out how I blogged the contest here.

The free three style faux leather bracelet giveaway is valid for blogger with address in Malaysia for shipment. Giveaway ends on 5pm 31, May 2010. If there is changes of time I will update this post again.


  1. ok i blogged and posted a comment... i think need to approve before the comment appears right?

    good luck!

  2. yeah then I will check as well as comment under moderation.


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