Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Shogun Granite Plus frying pan

This is the Shogun Granite Plus Titanium Non-stick 24cm x 5.5cm frypan, it is non-stick and easy to use love the appealing and weighing just right for any type of cooking. It is made using the brand’s 9 Layer System, which is inclusive of its Tritanium Ultra plus, which by itself is five layers of non-stick coating reinforced with ceramic, produced by the largest Swiss non-stick coating manufacturer. Easy cooking with Shogun Granite Plus and easy cleaning too.

 Sharing is caring, you can also find this product Shogun Granite Plus at the link to shop. Besides the frying pan, I also need a wok that is non-stick wok for cooking, click on the link to read about it too. It sure makes our lives easier with non-stick cookware, don't you agree?

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