Saturday, November 6, 2021

Kids Haircare Nutrient Soft Kids Shampoo

Busy parenting didn't stop me from taking care of my children too. Both my children are growing up if you have follow my parenting blog you would know that my son one is already in secondary school while another still in primary school. 
Online shopping is convenient as I can just shop from home had my ordered items delivery to my door step. Sharing with you product that is suitable for children's hair care. 
Greenfinger Korea Mykids Haircare Nutrient Soft Kids Shampoo 320ml 1+1 Set, it comes with a free gift of a drinking bottle. The shampoo is suitable for kids from 4-10 years old, my son likes using it as he says it has nice richly moisturizing with a sweet, refreshing green fruit scent. The product didn't irritate my son's skin and he happy with it.
What I like about the product?
1. Special skincare product for kids from the age of 3, who starts to have a lot of outside activity.
2. A conditioning shampoo that keeps baby’s hair and scalp clean and healthy.
3. The protein ingredients from grain provides nutrition deep inside the hair, which makes the hair healthy and smooth.
4. Sweet and refreshing green fruit aromas and plenty of bubbles help children to enjoy their bath.
5. Completed the skin irritation test. 
Easy to use:
After pumping a proper amount, gently lather the wet hair, rinse off clean with warm water. to shop Greenfinger Korea Mykids Haircare Nutrient Soft Kids Shampoo 320ml 1+1 Set

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