Tuesday, March 9, 2021

"HOME D.I.Y" Kids Public Speaking by Johan Speaking Academy

Last month I have enrolled my son for the HOME D.I.Y Kids Public Speaking. Since my children are staying home, it's good to enroll my son for the public speaking. My eldest son Sean has attended the workshop of Johan Speaking Academy: Kids Public Speaking when he was young, he's now a teenager. Now is Sean's brother to join the Kids Public Speaking, it's the HOME D.I.Y Kids Public Speaking specially designed for kids age 7 years old to 10 years old. Where can just do this at our cozy home without going out. It's also good bonding time for parent and child. 

Sharing is caring Johan Ooi, the founder of Johan Speaking Academy. They have been teaching kids public speaking since 2014, and they are located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. they have partners who also took their licensing program and operating in 10 different locations across Klang Valley. They have taught more than thousands of kids to speak on stage with their proven method. 

When covid-19 hit us, they moved their lessons online, with teachers teaching kids LIVE on zoom. They are lucky they can still pivot online. Kids enrichment is one of the hardest hit industry after tourism, airline, events and retails@ malls. The physical outlet has not been operating for 8 months since March 2020.  

They have kids from Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, USA and Hong Kong signing up for online classes. Thus, they've created this pre-recorded on demand videos so that they can cater to students who are of different time zone and wants to learn at their own pace. Also, they do not need teachers to be present at odd hours to teach kids from afar, and this Home DIY is self learn, at your own pace. Easily put, is just like videos on youtube which you watch, as all those videos are pre-recorded. They have more than 100+ videos, resources and downloaded PDF's for your kids age 6 - 12 years old to learn.

What is the Kids Public Speaking benefits? 

  • Build confidence
  • Future use for them in college or career
  • Enhance communication skills

 I find this is good program for him and gives him the confidence to speak up as well. He's pretty nervous of speaking up but it's good he had step up in first step on Self Introduction.

Home D.I.Y, Kids Public Speaking, how does it work ? 

They have 12 months of content as each month your child will learn new skills on public speaking. 

They have step-by-step process for them to follow. It is affordable, and better still, if you have 2 or 3 kids at home, you guys can learn concurrently.

All for only USD 97 per year on a yearly subscription basis. This is launch price as the actual price is USD 197.

Feel free to visit their website : www.kidspublicspeaking.com for you to understand more, or better still follow Johan Speaking Academy on www.fb.com/kidspublicspeaking






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