Friday, September 18, 2020

SaferOptics: anti-blue light eyewear designed for children

 Everyone has got their busy lifestyle, with a new norm lifestyle today. We have to wear face mask, bring along hand sanitizer and social distancing distance. Our kids stay at home more instead of outdoors, so they spend a lot of time on TV and digital gadgets. Sharing is caring, SaferOptics, is an online eyewear store offering high quality anti-blue light glasses designed for children.  

I browse the website and it's user friendly and easy to browse. With Internet access today, its convenient for everyone to shop online. If you are looking for gifts ideas for your children, you can check out this website, just look at their website and you can find variety of colors of frame to choose from. 

Online shopping on their website is pretty fast, I ordered on Saturday and it came on Wednesday. The delivery to my door step by Poslaju. I received two emails - first is the ordered email, second is the delivery status. 

The package is very cute ! Just prefect as a gift too because there's no need to wrap it again. You can just purchase it for loved ones right away. Check out the unboxing video of my son and demo on how the lenses block 100% of blue ray light. Click on the link to view,


My son is currently 9 years old and he did spending time on smartphone, iPad for the education, entertainment and also for checking homework. I have selected a pair of eyewear from this website for him, I have shown him of the eyewear and he had chosen his favorite pair because Kids Oval Pool Party. He likes blue color as he says he thinks of Sonic, Sky and Sea also in blue color. You can also find New Arrival of products at the website.


I have chosen for my son the 420 Blue Coat for the lens options. The glasses are without any power or degree so it is safe for all kids to wear. The difference between the Basic Blue Coat and premium 420 Blue Coat lenses.

Basic Blue Coat Lenses

All SaferOptics glasses come with a pair of Basic non-power anti-blue light lenses. Lens features: Anti-reflective blue coating, UV400 protection with blue blocking lens properties which looks slightly yellowish tinted.

420 Blue Coat Lenses (Latest Generation)

420 Blue Cut is available as an upgrade (+RM30 per pair). Lens features: Anti-reflective blue coating, UV and High Energy Visible light (HEVL) protection up to 420 nm wavelength, the latest blue blocking lens properties without yellowish colour/tint. The 420 Blue Coat lenses come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


 Yeah now you know, you can choose the type of lens that you prefer for your child to wear. The price is affordable from range of RM75 to RM105, so you can shop according to your budget. By the way, Free Shipping in Malaysia for order over RM100. I recommend upgrading to the 420 Blue Coat Lenses for only RM105. Just nice for free shipping delivery to my doorstep.

My son's reaction towards the product, he likes it very much. Not just the colors of the lenses but also the comfortable of him wearing it. Earlier he had headache if facing the gadgets too long, now he can wear with comfort using it. After using the SofterOptics, his mood improved,he has better sleep, less agitated/tired.

I would recommend this to parents who are concern of their children who often using the TVs, laptops, smartphones and iPad, for this SaferOptics anti-blue light eyewear for children. Education is important but it's also important for us to care for their eyesight too.

Thinking of gift ideas for little ones, this would be a nice gift and meaningful for them, showering them with loved and cared. Suitable for child age 3 years old to 12 years old. If you have interest to purchase a pair of SaferOptics for your child, can click on this link

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