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Paul Immigrations Reviews: Apply for Singapore PR as a Family

You’ve lived in Singapore for a while now and decided that you’re ready to apply for permanent residency. Why wouldn’t you be? The Lion City has so much to offer that thousands rush to get to the forefront of it all and become a Permanent Resident (PR). Moreover, for foreigners living in Singapore, permanent residency is the only gateway towards citizenship.

That said, as the head of your family, you might feel a little hesitant about applying for it for everyone else. Your reservations are understandable. After all, becoming a PR involves more than just extra paperwork. Permanent residency is a commitment, an agreement to stay and contribute to the Republic’s growth in exchange for benefits that are second only to Citizens.

All PR hopefuls have the option to apply for the status on their own. Singapore offers several PR schemes, some of which allow you to acquire the status as a family, but none compels you to include your dependants in your application. Instead, the schemes below only extends this as an option to each PR applicant:

● Family Scheme
● Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme
● Global Investor Programme

If you do meet the requirements for these schemes, you should seriously consider including your loved ones in your Singapore PR application.

Why You Should Apply For Singapore PR as a Family
Here are some reasons why you should cast your doubts aside to apply for PR as a family.
Applying for PR as a family would combine your strengths in an application, rather than depend on your merits alone. The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) assesses PR applications holistically, which means that they will look at your overall potential to contribute to and integrate into society.

Acquiring the status together, as opposed to leaving your loved ones out, also shows your intent to sink roots in the city-state. Ultimately, those with families are less likely to move once they have chosen a home, especially if they are all Permanent Residents. By contrast, PR applicants who exclude their dependants will raise red flags since the authorities will question why they have chosen to do so.

When you apply for PR collectively, your entire family can reap the benefits of permanent residency together. For countless parents, few better places exist for families to settle down and raise their children than Singapore. The Lion City is renowned across the world for its soaring standards of living, including its widely accessible high-quality education, healthcare and housing.

Is Your Family Eligible for Singapore PR?

Now that you know why you should apply for PR as a family, start looking into your combined PR eligibility. You can do this by determining whether you fit into any of the following PR schemes that allow you to include your dependants in your application:

1. Family Scheme
This scheme only allows either a Singapore Citizen or PR to apply for PR on behalf of their spouse and children. However, note that your children need to meet the following additional criteria:

● Unmarried
● Under the age of 21
● Born or legally adopted within the context of a legal marriage

2. PTS Scheme
Between you and your spouse, there has to be at least one holder of an Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass, EntrePass or S Pass. This work pass holder will be the primary PR applicant. Additionally, your children need to meet the following additional criteria, identical to those of the Family Scheme:

● Unmarried
● Under the age of 21
● Born or legally adopted within the context of a legal marriage

Paul Immigrations Reviews
If all of you do meet any of the above criteria in your choice of scheme, you might now wonder how to get Singapore PR as a family. If you do not have a clue, fret not. Paul Immigrations can be of great assistance to guide you at every step of the process. Here is how the immigration consultancy firm do so:

1. Profiling Through the Phone
An immigration consultant (IC) would get in touch with you to find out if you and/or your loved ones are eligible to apply for Singapore PR. A series of profiling questions would be asked and if you or your loved one is eligible, the IC would arrange an appointment with you.

2. Meeting the Immigration Consultant
During the in person meeting, the IC would verify the information that you have shared over the telephone conversation. Your actual work pass, marriage certificate and children’s birth certification may be requested by the IC for verification purposes. It is also during this meeting that you will be able to better evaluate your chances of getting the PR status approved.

3. Compiling Your Documents
Upon deciding that you would like to proceed to engage the services provided by Paul Immigrations, your profile would then be passed to the Immigration specialist(IS) team. They would guide you and assist in compiling the documents required for the PR application. They will also ensure that your submission package adhere to the requirements of the PR application.

4. Crafting the Cover Letter
Apart from preparing your submission package for the application, the team will also prepare a cover letter to help highlight the contributions you have done, strengths and more, to better the chances of getting the approval. With thousands of applicants vying for the coveted status, it is not only about how you would blend in with the community, but also how you stand out amongst the crowd of PR hopefuls in the best light.

5. Applying for PR Online with Guidance
Finally, you may apply for PR online once all the necessary documents are in order. As the application starts with logging in to ICA’s e-PR system with your SingPass, the team will not be able to submit on your behalf. However, they will be able to guide you in person or over a phone call, with step by step instructions till you hit the submit button.

The entire process with the team would take approximately 1-2 months depending on how quick the correspondences are and another 4-6 months for ICA to evaluate your application. To get in touch with Paul Immigrations, feel free to fill up their enquiry form. If you do meet the requirements for these schemes, you should seriously consider including your loved ones in your Singapore PR application

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