Monday, July 29, 2019

Customizable label and personalized labels @Sticker Kid

Almost comes to the end of July, how's everyone doing? I have been busy mom life with my two boys, as both having different time of going to classes and tuition classes. Now talking of classes and tuition, I think about their belongings. The stationery always been missing from their pencil box. Everyone has go their busy lifestyle, I am glad there's Internet access and online shopping. Now there's website that we can creating stickers for our children. 

Personalized labels/Customizable label for my son
 I like this website as it's to browse and easy to use, there are many types of customized labels, personalized labels, personalized stickers for children even personalized stickers for the daycare center. Yeah we didn't want to lose any more stationery or even other items like clothing or shoes. There have the shoe name sticker and clothing labels too. You can visit StickerKid, they have many types of stickers to choose from. There are 300,000 happy parents since 2004 that used their service.

Almost everyday, my son would tell me that he has missing his stationery from school. It's either pencil or ruler or even the pencil box. With the name label it's good start to training for our children to keep track of their belonging too. You can put the class room beside the name or even putting on your contact number. They have option of putting Chinese Mandarin name on personalized labels.

 Everyone has got their different interest in making type of customized label or personalized label. Don't worry I am sure there's suitable type of label/sticker that you prefer.
 So cute designs that we are spoiled of choices, you can also choose the color of text, font size, and logo for the labels. They have many value package for you to choose. I have got is the small name stickers and medium name stickers. The one in blue color is the clothing label 'Wrap' labels, yeah not just suitable for clothing even on stationery too. The products are 100% water/weather proof.
 Now when you think of the following, you can visit the StickerKid for more details. Feel free to use my 10% code: Sherry10 , happy shopping for your loved ones. It can be a nice gift ideas for loved ones too. The products are 100% Swiss made.

"Personalized labels"
"Personalized sticker for children"
"Personalized sticker for the daycare center"

Don't just read here, you can surprise your little ones with these cute stickers or even making these together have a fun bonding time. After making the order online, you'll received email from them. I received my labels about two weeks time. It was delivery to my home address.

*I chosen the suitable personalized stickers for my son, it may not be suitable for you. You can visit the website to choose whichever that you suitable for you.

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