Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Family first? Have you think of you family?

Good evening to dear readers and followers. It's been a busy week indeed, busy lifestyle for me as my boys are school morning class for the youngest and Sean is schooling on afternoon class. That's not all, their tuition timing also different, so busy that I am alone handling both of them.

There's a lot to consider when you want to start a business. Recently some friends seek for my advice whether they should start the business or not. It's important to know whether there's capital for the business or not. Not just that also to look back on the previous business done whether it's been failing or making money. So many aspects that we need to look into also the family too.

Though we says that never give up on any failure. There's failure only there's success however if it's long term of failing, don't you think it's better to let it go. Not everyone is capable of being a business owner. Because of continuous of failing, and there's debt. You wouldn't want to burden your family.

Though I am not the best advisor, I know starting a business it not easy. There's need of cash flow to support the business. For example you are opening up a restaurant, you need to pay for the rent, renovation, staffs, utilities bills. If you have the cash flow that enough to support for the next six months or even longer perhaps you can come up with the proposal just in case you need a bank loan? Just saying...

This is just my personal opinion.

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