Friday, February 1, 2019

Raising resilient kids - role play helps

 Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, we need to find time to balance our life and find bonding time with our children. Do you ever feel that sometimes our kids experience disappointment, frustration and failure? You are not alone, kids also experience criticism and disapproval; and/or exclusion/bullying by peers.

As parent we need to be there for our children, childhood is important stage of growing up. My sons would be frustrated at times if they didn't achieve in the result they wanted for example examination that they had.

Having healthy lifestyle is important don't just sit at home, bring them out for the park or playground.

 Nowadays kids have many to learn and studies, tuition and other activities if there's any. My kids would be frustrated if they are constantly studies and attending to tuition. That's why we need to have balance in lifestyle, giving our moral support and bonding with them. 

My son Sean would be shy on stage and lack of self confidence, looking at the video my son didn't feel shy at all because there's KidZania staff that guided him. He overcome his fear and feeling nervous of standing on stage by believing himself that he can do it, also attended a few classes of Kids Public Speaking during his school holidays. That's not all, he says sometimes he still having fear when standing on stage, but he has overcome it slowly by gaining self confidence. Sean says that he got to be good model for his little brother who is 5 years younger than him. He's turning 13 years old next month, being Form 1 student he's also active in school's activities namely being a Police Cadet, Japanese Language Learning Class and Basketball player. He didn't feel shy to speak up too, as he can communicate easily with his classmate with varies language Mandarin, English and Malay.

There are many good opportunity to learn and have fun at KidZania where they can have the fun experienced of learning together at the same time. I like to bring my kids to KidZania because this is an interactive learning edutainment theme park for kids that helps prepare them for the real world by immersing them in simulated adult occupations and real-life situations; it's role-play activities and (variable) programme are aimed to help kids "know, create, care, share and play", which support a child's social-emotional resilience.

The YouTube link of modelling:

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