Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Milky Way Play Space @Paradigm Mall

Its March School Holidays, whats your plan for yourself and your kids? Last Sunday, we brought kids to Paradigm Mall to play the Milky Way Play Space. It's fun playground for the kids as they get to spend 2 hours playing and it's only RM58 for each child. This is suitable for children age 4 years old to 15 years old. It's good for parents who wants children to workout, yeah my sons have a good sweat at the Milky Way Play Space. There are seating areas near to the playground, parents can wait and watch their child.

Besides education, it's good to give kids time for playing. Safety first and my son is having buckle up before he starts to play and there's safety helmet for each child to wear. There are seven kids activities at the Milky Way Play Space. They are as following:

12 Obstacles Course
Wall Climbing
The Amazing Slide
Bird Nest
9D VR Coaster
5D Space Traveller 

My children have a good time at the Milky Way Play Space you can view the video to find out.
 My son is having good inside the bird nest, yeah he's going up and down inside.He had a good time jumping trampoline with his brother and other kids there. Good to spare them time for playing rather than keeping them for just studies. We need to balance lifestyle in education and play time.
 How often do kids get sweat? Most children nowadays are staying indoor more than outdoors. This is good sweat for them and exercise at the same time. I know outdoors are hot during the afternoon hours, but now you can have the children play indoor in the shopping mall.
 Good experienced on the 9D VR Coaster and 5D Traveller, it's first time both brothers see it.
Now get ready for the Tiger Cub Road Challenge 2018, its happening at Paradigm Mall. Does your child like challenge? Then he/she can take part and be the fastest to complete the Tiger Cub Road Challenge 2018. On 20 March 2018, one of the participants time lapse was 4 minutes plus. If you like your child to beat his score, go to take part this challenge.

If you like to win a ticket for your child to play, the ticket is RM58 where child can play for 2 hours. Stand this chance to win a ticket from me, by joining my giveaway on Facebook, click on the link to take part. Giveaway ends on 22 March 2018.

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