Sunday, February 11, 2018

Grand Reopening Jalan Jalan Japan One City

It's February, Happy Chinese New Year to dear friends/readers and followers that celebrate Chinese New Year. Just want to share with you that today is the last day if you like to try your luck to win RM1,000 cash at Jalan Jalan Japan One City, Subang Jaya. It's happening just today all you need to do is spend minimum of RM1 and show your receipt to the counter at lucky draw station together with your social media of your sharing on shopping at Jalan Jalan Japan One City, just check in the location of Jalan Jalan Japan One City at your Facebook, Select JJJ, tag and post if you are using the Facebook, also the hashtag ##hargagiler #jalanjalanjapan

It is the Grand Reopening of Jalan Jalan Japan at One City on 10 & 11 February 2018. If you have followed my social media @sherrygo you will find that I have update social media on this. 
The prizes for this 2 days consists of the following:
1st (Gold Ball) : RM1000 Cash (2 Prizes)
2nd (Silver Ball): RM100 Voucher (20 Prizes) or Limited Figuries
3rd (Red Ball): RM10 Voucher (400 Prizes)
4th (White Ball): Lucky Gifts (Candy/Snacks/Mystery Gifts/etc)
*All winners get additional 5% Discount coupon (Valid from 1/3 to 31/3)

 Jalan Jalan Jalan Japan One City has got one way entrance and one way exit. No worry if you are not sure as there's security guards there to help.
My little one at the entrance of Jalan Jalan Japan One City

My little one is happy as it's hunting time for preloved Japan toys for him. Lots of preloved items from Japan, it's a hunting day indeed for us. Check out their new display shelves to display items for sales. Bags, clothing, frames, clothes and many more.
 You can view the video which I have done above to see more photos. It's more spacious walk way now and many chairs available for you to rest at the walkway.
 I like their new brighter lighting as it's more comfortable for shoppers to shop, there's play area nearby the women clothing that children can have their playtime.
 Shoppers are happy checking the items of Jalan Jalan Japan, the prices of each item as low as RM1.
 The relocate of new fitting room near to cashier's counter for security purpose. It's good that shoppers that have selected their clothing they can go there to try out the clothing.

The staff of Jalan Jalan Japan are helpful and friendly, I asked at the cashier before paying to try out the toy before paying.

Happy shoppers day to us as we have a good hunt for the day. Everyone bringing home things that they loved as my son love toys, you can see both my sons holding toys that they like.

Don't forget to try your luck today, today is the last day of the Lucky Draw for Grand Reopening of Jalan Jalan Japan at One City, Subang Jaya. You can refer the video on the lucky draw as I have recorded it inside. Happy shopping to you and good luck!
Yay won -Red ball, Prize.

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