Thursday, July 20, 2017

SCHOLASTIC: Children Reading Books

Being mom of two boys, it's important to balance the life of kids education and playtime. It's good to have a reading time together, it's good bonding time and we get to understand each child's need too. I find them good as at the same time, children can learn the English language too.

The Scholastic books you are seeing here are :
Jack and Jill (Flip-Side Ryhmes) by Christopher Harbo, illustrated by Colin Jack
- nice book to read and get my 6 years old saying that this book can flip-side too.

Prina the Pangolin written by Judy Shaik, Illustrated by L.K. Tay-Audouard
- my kids first time to see Pangolin facts which available at the last page of the book.
- good for kids and parent to learn about the types of Pangolin Species.
- this book about the mother and baby Pangolin

 Tom & Jerry, A Cat is chasing me through this Book! by Benjamin Bird
- kids all time favourite show Tom & Jerry
- what's the adventure with Tom and Jerry in this book?  Sky, Jungle, Desert just to name a few.
- my 6 years old like to read this.

Possum Magic by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas
- about Grandma and granddaughter possum
- we get to know that possum is one of the animal in Australia
- interesting to read about how one wants to be invisible and visible

Little Miss Muffet (Flip-Side Ryhmes) by Christoper Harbo, illustratred by Colin Jack
- suitable for children like mine 6 years old son to read
- he likes to flip side of the book and wanna know what happened to the spider
These books are only distributed in Asia, good time reading them. Is there any books of Scholastic that you like to read?

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  1. My daughter also love to read book like Tom and Jerry. Always borrow it at school library.


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