Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wrapped Sardines Ayam Brand in olive oil

It's school holidays, what do you have in mind for lunch? How about wrapped sardines? This is simple and easy to make. Below will consists of two recipes instead of one, but I am only using a can of Sardines Ayam Brand in olive oil.

 One piece of wrap, and have smashed the sardines and add on the cut onions and tomato inside. Also added Thai Chili Sauce for flavour. Wrapped it and ready to eat! 
 One piece of wrap cut into two pieces. One Cucumber slide into two pieces, then add top the mashed egg and cut onions and tomato with sardines then wrap it. Yes ready to eat. 

Yeah with just a can of Sardines Ayam Brand in olive oil, happy trying. :D


  1. Thanks for your recipe! I will definitely try this out.


  2. Ayam Brand Sardine always the best. Love your creativity whereby you use it as pizza ingredient

  3. Never know that we can prepare sardine in this way too! Is a healthy and easy recipe to follow =)

  4. Try ayam brand chiLi tuna + cream cheese (both Arla or Emborg also can). Mix those two ingredients together. You will never regret.


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