Thursday, March 23, 2017

Medical Help for Couples Trying to Conceive

With the rise of technology, my brother and his wife are lucky that they can seek professional help with almost everything that they need, including getting pregnant. They are happy parents of twins girls.

Couples who are trying to conceive for more than six months with no success and any women over thirty-five are advised to seek help from their doctors so a further examination can be done and you can be assisted.

Clomid is the most popular medicine that fertility doctors recommend and it has been proven successful on other women trying to conceive. Clomid is a fertility pill that a woman takes to boost her fertility.
my brother's twin girls.
Another common medical help for couples trying to conceive is in-vitro fertilization of IVF. IVF is a procedure used to treat fertility where mature eggs are collected from a woman's ovaries to be fertilized by sperm in a lab. This procedure is not cheap and some couples can not afford this medical help.

Surrogacy is another form of ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology to help couples who are trying to get pregnant. Surrogacy is suggested by medical professionals when either pregnancy is medically impossible or when pregnancy risks present an unacceptable danger to the mother's health. Monetary compensation may or may not be involved in surrogacy.
There are many other medical options that couples can use to help them get pregnant fast, however, it is important to think that along with these options comes a price. Make sure you and your partner discuss these options first before making a decision.


  1. How lucky that advancement in medical technology has enabled many couples to be parents, when they naturally couldn't. Happy for your brother and sister-in-law.

  2. Great infor for couples that wanted to conceive. I will recommend this treatment to my cousin.

  3. this might help lot ppl to solve this problem?

  4. Thanks to the medical technology, now medical able to help those infertile couples. Happy for your brother!

  5. Can you brief about the cost? I think thats the main concern too.

  6. Great article! Infertility can be so painful for a couple! I hope that someone finds comfort with your information.

  7. Great post! And very helpful. Your twin niece are so adorable.:)


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