Monday, November 28, 2016

Back to School-Bundle Joy 1

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It's school holidays, yeah time for mommy and daddy to shop next year back to school. Mydin Malaysia is having the Back to School-Bundle Joy 1, it has started on 24 November to 12 December 2016. Time to look out for the amazing deals there.

This year MYDIN has promo campaign with P&G to attract customers. You can find many back to school items namely uniform, bags, stocking, stationery, stationery and for home use the household products of P&G.

Under one roof of MYDIN, all kinds of government bodies and agencies also helps the less fortune students namely Lembaga Zakat Selangor, Kumpulan AmBank, MAIS, KESAS Sdn Bhd, MPSJ, Bank Negara, HiTech and others.
variety choice of school bags

We need to shop for things we needs, children need new pair of shoes and school uniforms.
Just to let you know that primary school uniforms and secondary school uniforms are sell separately.
Some of the available pricing, you can also visit MYDIN to see more... 
A pair of primary school uniform (Baju kurung) cost RM27.80 
A pair of secondary school uniform (Baju Kurung) cost RM42.80
A pair of Agama primary school set Melayu cost RM18.90
A pair of Agama secondary school set Melayu cost RM32.80
A pair Sports clothing RM12.90
School bag RM24.90 , you can view more bags at my fan page album, click the link to view.
Stocking of 3 in 1 RM7.90

Back to School -Bundle Joy 1 (Borong-Kembali ke Sekolah), MYDIN has collaboration with P&G for this campaign 'Siapkan Si Juara Kelas ke Sekolah'. Besides shopping at low price, don't forget that shopping on every Saturday there's no plastic bag available so bring your recycle bag along.

There are 5 mechanism on this campaign as following, let's see how you can shop and save.

  1. Get a collection of recycle bag for FREE with purchase of P&G products in a receipt above RM30. 
  2. Buy DISIPLIN brand name of school uniform over RM50 above in a single receipt, you can purchase a bottle of DYNAMO 2.7kg/3kg at RM15.
  3. Buy 2 pair of school shoes in a single receipt and receive 1 Febreze 370ml/ Ambi Pur car 2ml at RM5. 
  4. Buy 2 food case or drinking bottle brand MY HOME in a single receipt, get 2 bottle of JOY 500ml at RM7
  5. Buy 1 set of stationery Faber Castel/Steadtler brand and get discount of RM5 for Oral B pack 5 a pack. 
You can get start to list down what you need to shop. It's important to shop and save money at the same time. I know some parents will need to think what to shop within their budget, no worry as there will be Back to School -Bundle Joy 2 from 15 December 2016 to 2nd January 2017.

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