Friday, May 6, 2016

Lunavie baby fair 12 May to 15 May 2016 @Midvalley

I have some friends that are pregnant and they are looking to shop for baby products. It's good as new parent will need to purchase nursing cover and breast pads. Breastfeeding is good for baby and new mom may need to use the disposable breast pads due to engorgement or leakage of milk. 

Being mommy of two boys, I experienced the engorgement and leakage of breast milk. It's important to use the disposable breast pads to absorb the leakage of milk. Sometimes when you are outside you tend to forgot to bring the breast pump or stuck in jams, its good to use the disposable breast pads to avoid any inconvenience. 

Nursing cover can be use if mommy is breastfeeding in public. 
If you are looking to purchase baby gift for loved ones, you can shop them. The nursing cover comes with different colors too. 

Lunavie has baby friendly products and new parents can shop for their new born baby on this coming baby fair. Look out for the Lunavie booth at Midvalley from 12 May to 15 May 2016.
You can online shopping for baby friendly products at


  1. Wow! The nursing cover looks so gorgeous & fashionable :) Like it ! Thanks for sharing.


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