Thursday, April 14, 2016

Movie review: MR.RIGHT

Yesterday is a movie night for me and my dear, finally we get to go watch movie together. We been waiting for a long time for this. Two years ago I won to watch premiere screening of Pitch Perfect and I like the actress Anna Kendrick alot. Happy that I have won some passes to watch with my dear. Couldn't believe myself that I won two different movies but one movie I won I cannot watch as it clashes with Mr. Right.

Watched the trailer of Mr.Right and you'll love to watch this movie with loved one or friends. From this movie only I know about the person wear a particular t-shirt also represent their mood. Everyone has got their different interest, so what is one is wearing a clown's red nose? Another wearing the head band cute cat's ears.

How a gal fall in love with a man in just less than 11 hours? 
Find out this movie, go watch it!
We really enjoy the movie from start to the end.
I don't mind to watch it again. 

Movie is above 18 above years old to watch. As is rated R. There's violence in the movie and involving of guns. So many types of guns/weapons you'll find in this movie. 

It's fun crazy movie, yeah how can Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick become a killer couple. 
I find it worthy to watch this movie. 

Now I am also fan of Sam Rockwell. 


  1. happy that you had a great time. Enjoy and stay sweet my dear

  2. Long time no watch movie in cinema liao.. This one looks not bad..

  3. i will watch it in plex soon.. hihihihihi

  4. Definitely look like such a great movie.. will check it out..

  5. Got mixed review about this movie, but i m going to watch it also.

  6. Fall in love in just 11 hours? That's a very creative storyline.

  7. After watching the trailer, I am interested to watch Mr. Right, too. Have to say, I am no big fan of the actor and actress but I don't mind.

  8. omg i havent watch this movie yet!! dying to watch it soon!!

  9. Watched Mr Right - the movie was super cute too! Love Anna and Sam!

  10. Aww.. romance is very healthy for every couple! Glad you had a fabulous time together. Hope i'll recover fast to watch the movie too!

  11. Oh I haven't watched this yet but I saw the trailer. Definitely penning this down for a must watch.


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