Friday, December 12, 2014

UK Agro Farm at Kluang

There is a field trip that son interest to go but my dear is not willing to let him go. He's worry of his safety as journey is far. It's 3 hours buses from here to UK Agro Farm in Kluang. The field trip cost RM120 for son to go, I don't know why field trip not allow parent to go. If he's willing to ask teacher if I can go along then he might have the chance to go. I would love to go UK Agro Farm, been Google of this so much!

So I haven't decide what to do on the day yet. So it might be going for movie, or Kidzania. My son loves Kidznia very much, he didn't have the KidZanian paZZport yet for Kidzania. It's time to sign him up as he loves the place so much.


  1. Yaaayyyy ... haiyah.. I still haven't gotten the time to check out the PaZZZport... when you do share with me.. I want to know also

  2. I am sure he will love KidZania, Sherry. It's a very educational place for kids to role play and learn :)


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