Friday, June 7, 2013

Ocean Mania Costume Contest@Paradigm Mall

Are you ready to go Paradigm Mall later? I have reason to go because my boys are selected in the final but sad to say I think only one can make it as another is not feeling well. Health is more important than the contest, I would be happy if he just go and watch his bro but I am not sure.

At this moment baby is resting on sofa bed, he's prefer bed now than sarong. He's sleeping with tummy down, he has gas so this way he's feeling comfortable. I know always check on him, can't believe my toddler this month is 2 year old.

It will be same birthday month for Chinese calendar father and son. :D



  1. Glad both your boys can make it.. :)

    Happy birthday to father and son!

    1. yeah, not yet purchase cake for them, perhaps next week wait they are better.

  2. And congratulations for winning!~


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