Friday, November 4, 2011

The kissing pigs@Artz n Gizmo

My son and I just back from the Artz n Gizmo class which I bought the voucher RM25 from The first step he learn is basic which is making the ladybird. Then he get to choose make pig, buddy, rabbit, or caterpillar. He loves angry birds so he chooses to make green piggy. Look above they are just like perfect couple, the kissing pigs. :D

Above you ar looking at polymer clay which done by the teacher earlier. They were five parents with five kids including us. On the pink tray is polymer clay done by the children, three children chooses the caterpillar, one gal chooses the bunny and my son chooses the piggy. You get to choose the colour of the bunny and pig but for caterpillar is according to the teacher's work.

You can follow update of Art n Gizmo at Facebook or their blog.


  1. Thank you for blogging about our polymer clay workshop. Glad that your son enjoyed it! :)

  2. Wow! That is really cute. Love polymer clay!

  3. yes we enjoy the workshop, look forward for angry birds workshop.

    @Lizzie, yeah they so cute!

  4. These are a wonderful idea for Christmas gifts!!!


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