Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Empire Shopping Mall explosion

I don't know about this until this morning my dear went to work and told me about it. He says that terrible traffic jam at Subang Jaya. Anyone heard the loud explosion early in the morning?

I have been the Empire shopping mall several times, I like to dine at the Loaf but not every time. I saw many restaurants there but I still feel there is lack of choice.

Now there is Giant going to open at SS15, Subang Jaya which is nearby Hong Leong Bank. The mall is named One Subang Mall if not mistaken.

I have not been blogging as I am busy to care my baby. He does not have bouncer chair and he often need to carry. If put him down in the cot he will be crying hard. He slept in the sarong during day and night time on bed next to me. I pump milk often because he does not breast feed directly he prefers the bottle feed.

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