Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spend the 3rd night alone

It is my third night to sleep alone because my dear is at hospital to overnight with my son. He is ill, he has been vomiting and purging. He is much better today but to make sure doctor say hopefully tomorrow can release him. He refused to eat the porridge at hospital he keeps asking why porridge again. He still cannot take any oily food or milk product.

I am tired I just back from hospital I was whole day there since eight something in the morning. I have headache now and I after update this blog I need to take shower and take rest. Being mom has huge responsibilities.

My sister called me and scold for no inform her about my son condition. She also called my dad to scold because it is something related to her kaima.


  1. So sad to hear that your son isn't feeling well. I pray that he gets better soon. Godspeed!

  2. I hope everything is well now with your son. It can be very frustrating for us moms when our children get sick. A lot of things are expected from the mommies and you are right, huge responsibilities go along with motherhood. Take care of yourself too. followed your blog!


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