Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy wekends to you

This is new which I made, it is wrapped wire I need try wrap more often so I can make them look nice. It is early morning here and the sun is coming out, how's your day?

I want to say happy weekends to you, I need to get some rest soon as I not able to sleep. I am feeling hungry now I am thirsty too. I have a water bottle in room that I can drink at night. I am scare of dark sometimes but I still like horror movies.

One day I walked into the kitchen at night something walk pass me, there is rat in the kitchen. Oh I don't like rats, I need to trap them. I try cover up the toilet bowl but rats have other way to get into kitchen. The kitchen is maintained clean but the neighbour not, they throw out fish bone out their window. I know they feeding the stray cats. They even throw out the fish head that not yet cook, this is smelly just make you want to throw up.


  1. Happy weekend to you She.

    Thank you so much for the vote. Although I didn't win but it's okay. Better luck next time...hehehe


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