Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How can I improve my giveaway?

Dear reader, I might want to postpone the giveaway at my blog which supposed to ends on 28 Feb. I am seeing not many participants on the giveaway.

How can I improve my giveaway? Anyone care to share your thought and view on this?

Something else on my mind but not sure of it my friend asking me about this and I don't know what to say. Will the card parallel the nicer interference?


  1. Hey lovely,
    I think you can improve your give-away by sending your link to the give-away contests site which will promotoe your give-away as well as attracting more people to participate into your give-away.

    There's nothing wrong on your give-away though, just that you didnt get enough promotion.

    Hope you will be happy with your give-away!


  2. try to introduce it in Facebook!

  3. hi Hoodie Cam, thanks for share with me.

    hi Willa, will do that. :)

  4. How about advertise your contest at MALAYSIA Giveaway? it just RM5 :)


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