Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dining in The Gardens, Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday was an awesome day for mother and son. Yes I was invited to be media for School Holidays the Child and Safety Campaign in Sunway Pyramid. Most participants are children from kindergarten but with some older children too like my son and others.

There is so much fun for the children who attended the workshop, have you heard of the Safety Ranger workshop? It is similar to that. For Safety Ranger workshop it is open to children aged 7 year old to 12 years old.

Look at the yummy food we have after the Child Safety Campaign, we head to The Gardens. The first picture is cheese chicken with tomato sauce, I ordered for son. Second picture is the green curry beef. Last picture you are looking at the pumpkin soup.

I have posted about the Child Safety Campaign in Sunway Pyramid, have a look yeah.


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