Monday, October 8, 2018

ToDDible Fruitsbites

Good day to dear reader and visitor, it's been a busy day. Raining in the evening and sharing is caring, I like to share with you yummy healthy snacks that you and family can enjoy. This is ToDDible Fruitsbites , which are produced with Vaccum Freeze Dried Technology. With highest quality fresh fruit from the best growing regions to maintain highest levels of flavours, colour, texture and nutrients.
When comes to what to eat, and even snack time. There's healthy snack that we can give our children, even adults are enjoying them too. No kidding, sharing is caring we can enjoy them with family members.

So yummy each packed has ingredient of 100% freeze fried fruit, 100% natural and there's no preservatives, gluten, sugar added, dried fruit & vege gmo. Each pack is 20g, there is 3 flavour available, they are strawberry, sweet corn, and banana.
ToDDible Fruitsbites : banana

ToDDible Fruitsbites : strawberry

ToDDible Fruitsbites : sweet corn

They are so yummy, my favourite would be the sweet corn and strawberry. I do like the banana flavour too, we can even add in our cereal in the morning.

To know about more of this products, you can check out Facebook: Toddible /Instagram: toddiblehq

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  1. produk baru dipasaran ke ni.. suka la kanak-kanak makan fuitsbites ni


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