Monday, October 1, 2018

Fernleaf UHT is packed with 100% milk from New Zealand

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, well we need to maintain healthy lifestyle even though we are busy. Sharing is caring, it's month of October and here's the cute limited edition of the Fernleaf cooler bag. Breakfast is King and sometime in hurry we didn't have breakfast, but we never miss out of drinking milk in the morning. Go for greatness of milk-on-the-go. Fernleaf milk has the convenient pack in UHT that suitable for whole family. Packed with important nutrients like protein, vitamin A and vitamin D,  and calcium it helped us get a boost of nutrition and energy whenever we needed it.

 What's inside the cooler bag? It consists of the following Fernleaf UHT Milk 1L x 1 pack and Fernleaf UHT Chocolate Milk 200ml x 4 packs. Not just that it has the very cute straw glasses.

Fernlef UHT is packed with 100% milk from New Zealand, they farm the way nature intended, with their cows grazing on lush pastures. The milk produced is the richest natural food source of bio-available calcium and many other essential nutrients including high quality protein, vitamin A and vitamin D.

With busy parenting lifestyle and kids have got tuition in and out of school, it's important to take care of their health too. My son drinks Fernleaf milk but he didn't know that the cow's milk is produce in New Zealand. He also didn't know that the dairy cows produce milk naturally, with the high quality of grass, cozy climate, clean air and water, the dairy cows produce milk naturally without needing any form of milk booster. 

Fernleaf is the dairy expert with over 140 years of experience in dairy farming. Their dedicated farmers who take pride in their work, ensure the highest quality at every stage of milk production to the finished products.

Feel free to watch the video above where my son shows you that he is drinking the Fernleft UHT chocolate flavour milk.

Sean imagines himself has tele-pod to farm of the New Zealand

Say no more, lets check out the above and below photo where my son and I used the cute straw glasses to drink the Fernleaf milk. Fernleaf packed with 100% Trusted Goodness from New Zealand.

Fernleaf UHT milk comes in three delicious variants - full cream, low fat and chocolate, and available in 1-litre and 200ml pack. In this post you are looking at UHT milk range of 1litre and 200pack.

Love the Fernleaf 100% trusted Goodness from New Zealand
 Sharing is caring don't forget you can enjoy the Fernleaf UHT anywhere anytime.

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  1. ala ala comelnya your son sherry, i belum buat lagi lah.. nanti nak buat

  2. omg bestnya we got the same bag color, i already finishes all the fernleaf milk, would like to stock more of them because my daughter love the taste of the new zealand milk so fresh yummeh !


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