Friday, April 13, 2018

NY Steak Shack's Pepper-Licious menu-Sarawak Black Pepper

NY Steak Shack's Pepperlicious - total of five types meal to choose from
 Busy lifestyle we still need to eat, so when times come of what to eat. I thinking of the NY Steak Shack's its Sizzling Duck Chop! It's so delicious and it's my first time to eat the Sizzling Duck Chop that is pepper-licious. Oh wait, I have not tell you that I love peppery treat, if you are feeling the same as me. You will like to head to NY Steak Shack, it's the right place to go to. Set to tickle the nation's taste buds with its latest menu that's inspired by one of the best black peppers in the world, latest recipe by Sarawak Black Pepper served on a sizzling hot plate! NYSS 'Pepper-Licious' menu is served on a sizzling skillet with home-style black pepper sauce, crispy garlic flakes and NYSS garlic butter. They are 10 outlets of NYSS outlet located at the Klang Valley currently.

 NY Steak Shack has always been known for its burgers, steaks and milkshakes. Now they introduce a dish that fits the nation's love for something hot and combine it with a poultry that is unique on its own - duck! Yeah this is NY Steak Shack's latest menu features a twist with a unique recipe for duck! A Sizzling Duck Chop has been introduced for the very first time in its 'Pepper-Licious' menu at only RM27.90.
 Along side with other dishes such as the Sizzling Beef Tenderloin Skewers at RM34.90.

The Sizzling Chicken Cevapi at RM23.90

The Sizzling Emerald Fish at RM24.90. 
Just in case you want to know what kind of fish, it is Talapia fish. 

All 'Pepper-Licious' entrees are complemented with two side dishes of your choice. Yeah I know you would be thinking what to orders for beverage. Patrons of NYSS can check out the refreshing fresh fruit mocktails at only RM6.20 comprising the Lemonade Zest, Minty Lime Cooler, Orange Breeze or the Perfect Mix. For those who prefer on the sweeter-side, there are the mouth-watering fresh fruit smoothies to be enjoyed at RM7.20 comprising of Banana, Pineapple Lemonade, Red Apple or the Pineapple and Mint.

Love the pepperlicious dining experience at the NY Steak Shack's, I wanna go back again to dine as I like their Sizzling Duck Chop I like their homestyle black pepper sauce, crispy garlic flakes and NYSS Garlic Butter. The two side dish that you can choose from are coleslaw, salad, mashed potatoes, fries, corn on cob, mixed vegetables or pumpkin rice. Now listen up as for limited time only! 16th - 29 April 2018, dine in NY Steak Shack and order their Pepper-Licious entree. Dine -in 4 person, 1 of the entree will be FREE!!

All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia, inclusive of 6% GST and applicable to 10% service charge. You can find more details and the promotions and latest news at You can also visit their website

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