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Traveling Smart Through Traveloka’s AirAsia Flight Booking Options

Everyone’s heard of AirAsia, Southeast Asia’s largest and most bad-a** low cost airlines. 
Forgive the exaggeration but it’s necessary to show how cool they are in terms of getting cheap 
 flight booking deals you need. They’re a favourite amongst travellers and vacationers for most, and 
while yeah they’ve had their ups and downs and fair share of criticisms, but at the end of the day, 
they get you to where you want to go well. If you are a fan, this entry will make you proud of your 
favorite airline, but if you are a non-believer, maybe this entry will help shed light to the matter. Enjoy!
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Started As An Underdog That Sets To Dominate!
AirAsia took the market by storm when they introduced when they introduced their no-frills concept. 
You pay for what you want and need, nothing more (obviously on top of having to pay flying on a giant 
metal multi ton machine). Fliers have saved so much through this concept, favouring their need to 
arrive to their destinations over superfluous comforts of a flight that lasts only a few hours.
Their frequent flight booking sales and AirAsia flights promotions are something to note as well, 
with it having resulted in people flooding their flight booking site, causing it to crash on more than 
one occasion. Yeah they’re pretty popular.
Headquartered in Malaysia, it has successfully won the World’s Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax 
for 9 years in a row since 2009 and another in 2012 by Farnborough Airshow. So coming back to 
their sales and promotions. They’ve been able to boast about rocking some of the best deals in 
the industry with flight fares going as low as MYR1 (excluding taxes, airport and ancillary fees). 
Actually, they’ve even gone as far as having a zero fare sale back in 2016.
On top of that, they’ve even teamed up with a lot of partners, both offline and online to get their 
seats out to the masses. You can check out their flight booking partnership with Traveloka and 
look through all the best prices they have to offer because trust me when I said, they do offer the 
best flight booking deals out in the market.
There are over 74 destinations you could travel to all over Asia and quite a few handful of other 
locations across Oceania, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
The Underdog Becomes The Master
Now through the years, with the emergence of competing airlines, AirAsia has continuously one 
upped their services to cater to a more demanding customer base. They now offer various seats to 
accommodate passengers’ comfort, from the standard Economy Class to their Premium Flatbeds.
Premium Flatbeds are the equivalent of Business Class seats for the Low Cost carrier. They are super 
spacious seats that can recline into a full single bed, featuring a privacy screen (oh yeah this is a 
big deal!) adjustable head and foot rests, and a reading light as well as a USB port - y’know, for 
charging your phones and stuff.
Then there are the Hot Seat tickets. These are prime seating areas that are placed up front and also 
next to the emergency doors, Row 1 till 5 and Row 12 and 14. These are areas that offer more 
spacious legroom. These seats are also prioritized when boarding the plane.
Following suit to Malaysia Airlines, the national Full Cost airline of Malaysia, they have also 
introduced the Quiet Zone since early 2013. It’s a STRICTLY NO KIDS ALLOWED part of the plane 
(available only on the Airbus 330), from row 7 right down to row 14. It’s available exclusively upon 
booking or through the check-in process.
And to keep those adorable screaming little peanuts occupied and the adults pacified, there’s 
always the Xcite Inflight Entertainment. From movies to popular TV series, a healthy range of music 
choices, a selection of magazines and a cool menu of games, it’s all made available through a tablet 
device on each seat. They’re available in 5 languages and I know what you’re probably think, 
that’ll be hella loud but calm your jets, they come with headphones.
The icing on the cake though goes to the AirAsia Premium Red Lounge. Open only to Premium 
Flatbed and Premium Flex ticket holders, the lounge is a common area where you can kick your 
feet and chillax out before flying out on your journey. It has an awesome F&B range, Wifi, 
resting area and even a wash & changing room.
All these wonderful advantages are the reasons why AirAsia is as big as they are, and why they’ve 
won awards after awards, making them a very smart choice for travelers everywhere.

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