Thursday, March 22, 2018

My T-shirts from Printcious

 Printcious gifts from Printcious are here, yeah I have chosen to make t-shirts if you have read my last post about Printcious. Yeah I like green color and I have chosen this color and making not just one but two of it as another is for my son. Sean has got tuition class to attend so he didn't know that the shirts have arrived. We have the same shirts and same style as he's also into Youtube! Yeah he has got his own account too on Youtube.

 So easy to get start just choose whether you like to make a graphic t-shirt or cotton shirt or graphic kid shirt. For me I am choosing the cotton shirt as I want my shirts to colours.
 I selected the cotton shirt which you can see clearly there's color on it. Then I choose the make your own shirt. From there I choose the color of shirt that I want and the size then start designing. Yeah the size of shirt from S to 3XL.
 Yeah see the designed above that I have made and then I click on how many quantity I wanted. Then make online payment for the shirts I personalized.
 As you can see wide choice of gifts ideas for you and loved ones! We are wearing shirts daily, it's one of our lifestyle, so having personalized shirts are great gifts for loved ones. Everyone has got their preference in gift ideas, there are mug, puzzle, key chain, cushion, and many more to choose from.
Now you know where to shop! - Precious Gifts From Your Heart
Loving the shirt that I have personalized for myself and for my son. Don't forget to check out my youtube channel, search for Sherry Saw!

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