Saturday, January 13, 2018

Go for greatness with milk-on-the-go

All-new Fernleaf ready-to-drink UHT milk, Fernleaft is motivating Malaysians to GO FOR GREATNESS, supported by a can-do attitude and 100% milk from New Zealand in start of 2018.

Karen Ong, Marketing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia explained at the new product launch that greatness comes in small and big ways in their lives. "Whether it is getting to work on time, lifting your child or some grocery shopping bags, exercising and carrying a school bag, they are greatness in their own ways as well as all need mental and physical push in the form of energy and positivity to go through our day!" she said.

 "With 100% milk goodness on-the-go, Fernleaf hopes to motivate Malaysians to pursue greatness in life, starting from greatness in our everyday life, especially when they are at work or having fun with friends and family, " she continued.

Fernleaf milk, now available in all-new convenient UHT packaging, is suitable for the whole family. Packed with important nutrients like protein, vitamins A and D, and calcium, it helps Malaysians get a boost of nutrition and energy whenever they are and always be ready for their greatness goals.
The launched was on 11 January, and yesterday I went back again to shop for more as kids are schooling and these are just nice to put in their bento box.

You can still shop today, it's located at LG OVAL at 1 Utama Shopping Centre and there's a wall-climbing challenge and other activities. You can check out the instagram at sherrygo as I have uploaded the video that my son take part in the challenge, he's 100cm so he can take part. Just need tp urchase RM10 in a single receipt and entitled for a ticket to join the challenge. The challenge is suitable for adults to take part too.

Get Fernleaf UHT milk for yourself and your family to enjoy the dairy goodness from New Zealand keep you 100% ready to go for greatness! It is retailing at hypermarkets, supermarkets and stores nationwide at RM5.70 in a set of four packs (200ml each pack) and RM6.60 for every 1-litre pack.

Well you can get the great deal at RM3.99 in a set of four packs (200ml each pack) which ends today as the roadshow is at at LG OVAL at 1 Utama Shopping Centre til 14 January 2018. Check out the album at my Facebook page, click on it to view.

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