Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shopping Babydash, online shopping website

With Internet access today, its convenient for us to shop online. Especially working mom and homemaker that are busy. Here's a post about last Saturday, I bring kids to Babydash event and it was fun day.

At the Babydash warehouse, kids are entertained with the Clown and magic show. Seldom seeing kids having a good laugh and this brings joy to everyone. During the event, the kids got entertained and 3 numbers are being called to go next door office for shopping.

Below is the haul I have shopped at Babydash, for the sensitive skincare and a toy for WL. You can see his 1st time on toy review. He likes the Percy Thomas & Friends train. They are many products to choose from their website, feel free to visit www.babydash.com.my, some of my friends have bought lovely bags from there.

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Thanks for the Babydash organizer it's a good day to spend the afternoon and getting to know new parenting blogger too. Some friends are shopping for toothbrush and I have my eyes on skincare products and a toy for my son.
 Above the pink cute Hello Kitty for the auction on that day and I like it but I didn't have a baby girl so I didn't take up the auction bid. I love Hello Kitty and pink color too, who knows I might have a baby girl soon Sean won a lucky draw and he got to pick pink color or blue color, because his little brother is a boy so he chooses blue.
Thanks Babydash for having us.
Don't just read here, feel free to visit www.babydash.com.my, their website is user friendly and easy to browse.

Last Saturday, indeed a busy day for me and my dear. My dear is at work and he's going to be busy too this week due to Seagame. Everyone has got their busy lifestyle, so use it wisely. In the evening, I have a time out to hang out with friends at Sunway on that day. It was a nice catching up moments with friends.

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