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Shakeaway:milkshakes,smoothies, frozen yogurt, shaved ice @Sunway Pyramid

 It's hot weather in Malaysia, there's rain then there's sunshine. Well in the hot day what would you like to have? For me I like to have something cold and cooling, I would think of milkshakes, frozen yogurt desserts, smoothies, and shaved ice. Shakeaway is the world's largest milkshake bar company the original re-inventors since 1999. Now you can find their out let in Sunway Pyramid, it's located near to escalator of TGV Cinema. Their grand opening was yesterday Saturday's noon and they gave away free milkshake to 1st 50 customers on the spot.
 Shakeaway have over 180 different flavours and millions of combinations, live forever and never have the same milkshake twice! Lots of choice that you can never have enough, they hand made to order with real and fresh ingredients every time. 
The world famous named shakes at Shakeaway are Dave and Kierra, there's more but these two I have ordered for my children to drink.

Dave has ferrero rocher & kinder beuna with crumbled flake on top while Kierra has the strawberry cheesecake & oreo cookie toppled with mashmallows.

Famous shake named Kierra
 It's best to consume immediately after purchase to enjoy the cooling and yummylicious moments.
Frozen yogurt Erianna
 Frozen yogurt that I choose to share with my son is the Erianna, it has yummy chocolate brownie & macadamia nuts with mashmalows on top of the frozen yogurt.
Frozen yogurt Natasha
 Don't forget to drooling frozen yogurt Natasha it has Strawberries with a swirl of cream and a sprinkled of cadbury flake. When you think of after lunch what to eat? You can find the Shakeaway!
On the left is Dave while on the right is Passion fruit cheese for cheese lover
SodaShake :Sprite
 Sean loves the SodaShake, he choose Sprite though they haveo other flavour available. He says it is delicous SodaShake that he can't find it anywhere but at Shakeaway!

My sister-in-law love to have a cool desserts in the afternoon and she had this shave ice it's blueberries fresh fruit toppings, and has strawberries syrup on it.

If you like to shop for some chocolates, you can find these at the counter too. Lots of choice to choose from, which chocolate would you pick?

Millionaire's milkshake
 One must have the millionaire's milkshake it has 85% of dark chocolate blended with roasted hazelnuts, topped with whipped cream and real 23 carat edible gold flakes, this is price at RM58.80 size in large only. Sharing is caring, sharing these with loved ones as alone I cannot finish it. It's most expensive milkshake in the store! Mother's Day is coming up, how about bring your mom for a cool dessert or milkshake at Shakeaway. 

Wefie with my sons and Gary, he's the trainer of the Shakeaway he came all the way London, Kathy mom blogger
Shakeaway in Sunway Pyramid is located at
F1.53, First Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

You can find out more details on, they have many stores at worldwide.
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  1. Yeah, it is in Sunway Pyramid now, I can have it more often liao :)

  2. I love dessert so much! Gonna try this one when I visit sunway pyramid :)

  3. sedapnyaaa....bolehla pergi hari minggu nanti..

  4. Encouraging children to assist in their own food preparation increases the odds that they will like it and eat it, no matter what you make. Smoothies are no exception, and many children find the actual process of creating a homemade smoothie rather intriguing.


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