Thursday, February 16, 2017

Which is your favourite POKKA beverage?

Can you guess which is the HERO product of POKKA beverage?
 Good day to everyone, today is a great day and I like to ask which if your favourite POKKA beverage? Last week, I have share with you a simple recipes using the POKKA Honey Lemon, you can click on the link to read about it. 
POKKA beverage with more than 60 varieties of beverage in various packaging are being produced in Singapore and Malaysia. POKKA is believed to be the first beverage manufacturer in Singapore to invest and operate the aseptic PET bottle filling system, which enhances the quality of their products!

Green Tea - the star (Hero) Products under Pokka.
 POKKA beverage has Asian Tea, Western Tea, Coffee, Milk Range and Fruit Juice. 
Brewed from real tea leaves and containing no preservatives or colouring
They are easy to find and purchase, I can easily purchase them from petrol station or 7-11.
It's also available at hypermarkets. 
Premium Cappuccino
 My first time got to know of POKKA when I purchase the drink at 7-11. 
Started with Premium Coffee because I like to drink coffee.
Premium Coffee
 It's up to you that you like to drink it after opening or making some delicious desserts with it. 
The POKKA beverage is great for festive season, you can see that I have this wholesome POKKA for Chinese New Year.
Cookies & Cream Milk
 Thinking of what you can do with POKKA beverage? 
Besides taking it as beverage, you can also make jelly with it. 
I like to eat jelly and I tried the Honey Lemon jelly and I like it.
Melon Milk
Do you remembered the school days where you buy icy stick to eat? 
I share the simple way of making Honely Lemon sour plum icy stick
Click on the link to view.
Honey Lemon
 Since they are wide range of POKKA beverage to choose from, you can find that each and everyone has enjoy their beverage. I like to drink it chilled, how about you?

POKKA beverage: no preservative, no coloring, real brewed, Halal certified 

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