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Happy Chinese New Year to dear friends and family who celebrate Chinese New Year. It's an wholesome of POKKA beverage we are celebrating with this year. Do you know there are wide range of POKKA beverage to choose from? The product range of Asian Tea, Western Tea, Coffee, Milk Range, and Fruit Juice.

Look at the picture below my cute son with POKKA beverage. The beverage in the picture are:
1. Jasmin Green Tea
2. Honey Lemon
3. Premium Coffee
4. Premium Cappuccino
5. Melon Milk
6. Cookies &a Cream Milk
Happy son of mine with some beverage as mentioned above

 Not many people know about this, just to let you know that the star hero product of POKKA beverage is POKAA Green Tea. Suitable for adults and children to drink, it has benefits as following:
  • Protect the arteries
  • Prevents cancer
  • Fights high blood pressure
  • Stimulates the body's immune system
  • Help against ageing
  • Strengthen the mind and body
  • Good for the tea 
 It's no only refreshing to drink the green tea, it has no preservative, no coloring, real brewed, halal certified.
The ready to drink beverage of POKKA suitable for festive season. 
POKKA Green Tea is the star (hero product)
This Chinese New Year, I am going to share with you two simple recipes of using the POKKA HONEY LEMON 1.5ml. 
 Valentine's day is coming soon, wanna know what to make for loved ones? 
It's great idea to make for loved one the cute Mickey Mouse and Heart Shapes jelly. 
It can be for family to eat too. 
Please refer to video on the step by step of making the POKKA HONEY LEMON JELLY. 
*coloring used in the video are safe food coloring*
2 Red color drops and 2 Yellow color drops are used in the process.  
Click on the video below to see how to make POKKA Honey Lemon Jelly

Some preparation of items you need to make the jelly:
  1. POKKA Honey Lemon
  2. One pack of jelly/agar agar yang bermutu
  3. Pot
  4. Bowl, small spoon or scoop
  5. Food coloring red and yellow
  6. Heart shape mould and Micket Mouse shape mould
  7. Refer to the video below for the step by step. 
Left pic: Colored jelly of POKKA Honey Lemon ready to pour in the mould of hearts and mickey mouse.
Children loves to eat jelly and I am sure every parent would be worry of the contains ready made jelly purchase to consume. Now we can have home made jelly of our own, it will be fun bonding time to make together too. With wide range of POKKA beverage you can choose to make jelly with other flavour of POKKA.

Easy to make the POKKA Honey Lemon with sour plum, depends on how many icy tubes you like to make. As for me I am just making four icy tubes of Pokka Honey Lemon with sour plum.

1. Four Empty Tubes
2. POKKA Honey Lemon
3. Sour plum
4. Freezer for final step to storage.

How to make icy tube of POKKA Honey Lemon with sour plum
1. First to prepare four empty tubes
2. Each tube filled with a sour plum.
3. Pour in 100ml of the POKKA Honey Lemon
4. Tied at the end can refer to video on the process.
5. After complete the steps put the tubes in the freezer for overnight.

Easy to make, can refer to video below for too for steps.
Easy to grab the POKKA beverage at several location namely 7-11, Petrol Stations, and Hypermarkets.
Simple cooling POKKA Honey Lemon with sour plum ready to serve for the hot day. It's just nice as yesterday my place has the power cut from 10am to 5pm. Glad to have them ready before it happen.

This icy sticks bring back many childhood memories, do you recalled when the last time you have the icy stick? What are the flavors that you tried that can never forget? 
Icy Sticks of POKKA Honey Lemon with sour plum
I like to drink Honey Lemon because it's not only for beauty and for health.
The benefits as following:
* reduce pigmentation and improve immunity for body
* soothing especially for power cut at home or  hot weather in Malaysia
* remedy for throat infections

The POKKA Honey Lemon used is 1.5L. Keep in refrigerated once opened.

POKKA bevearge are no preservative, no coloring, Halal certified

To get more information about POKKA beverage check out their website or


  1. good mum! your kids are lucky to have you! :)

  2. Pokka honey is my most favorite drinks recently. I use to grab it at 7e everyday 😅

  3. Good looking son! Enjoyed your video, really looks great and adds a lot of value to the Pokka review. Might give it a try one of these days. Cheers!

  4. pokka honey lemon ?
    haven try this favor ...

  5. Happy Chinese New Year to you, Sherry. I had no idea POKKA range of products is so wide with many varieties.

  6. you son so cute!!! First time heard about this beverage!!!

  7. I do enjoy this pokka honey lemon...Tried it a few times....

  8. I dont mind have this Pokka drinks for CNY, I like their milk coffee.

  9. Your kids seems loving it a lot! I will look for these juice to our nearest Asian stores.

  10. I always drink the Jasmine Green Tea, probably this is the only tea that i enjoy drinking too!

  11. I would like to try the lemon jelly!! =D

  12. Wow! I love Pokka drinking products too, esp their green tea & coffee! Would love to try out their other items too ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  13. I like Cappuccino coffee the most. BTW, I have followed your blog too. No 219. do check out mine too. TQ.


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