Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friso Gold growing up milk for my son

 Everyone been busy with their lifestyle, being a parent to my 10years and 5 years old. I know the important of growing up, that my son need the best nutrition and education. I found the Friso Gold 4, for my 5 years old before that he was having constipation and digestion problem, with the Friso Gold he's healthy and stronger inside out. He's happy boy now and love indoor and outdoor experience. No matter how busy we are, we need to spend quality time with children to have bonding time. There's no job more important than parenting.

The can of Friso Gold 4,  I find it easy to use and user friendly for all parents. You don't have to worry of the scoop will drop in the milk powder.
easy to use and user friendly Friso Gold
 You can just remove the scoop first then remove the seal of the can.
 Easy to scoop out of the can of Friso Gold to make milk for my son. 
easy to scoop and placement of scoop after use.

  Friso Gold, know the best for every child. Every parent will be worry of child's health if they have a bad digestive system. The Friso Gold has newly improved LocNutri technology preserves nutrient during the manufacturing process. With this, children can have easy, better digestion.

The Friso Gold is imported from Holland. With a presence in more than 20 countries worldwide. I am choosing this brand for my son because it has 140 years of dutch dairy expertise with fully produced and packed in Holland by FrieslandCompina, one of the world's leading dairy companies. I do checked on the ingredients, the product does not contain any sucrose. Personally, I like to drink milk and I find this milk is very nice to drink and not too sweet.

My son like outdoor especially at playground, the can move here and there, run about with his elder brother.
 We need balance of life and important to have indoor activities and outdoor activities with them.

Busy lifestyle and need time out with kids, spend time with them outdoors. Look my boys, brothers, happy seat swings, such good bonding time for them. Sean's little bro loves Friso Gold which makes him happy and stronger inside out.
happy swing time for him

Getting him a pot to learn to plant, good time learning about having a plant. I can just buy a plant for home, but I decided to give son a fun way of learning to plant. Is good to let him own a plant, this way he can take care the plant by water it everyday. Plants get nutrition from soil. Soil contains all nutrients need by plants to survive. My son drinks Friso Gold growing up milk, it provides all the important nutrients to support my son's digestion and good gut.
Now we have a long holiday why not take time out to spend time with children. My son enjoy his time drawing numbers on floor, no worry of getting it wrong he can learn from mistake. Friso Gold growing up has a companion now, happy son strong inside out.

We need to find time spend with our children, education and playtime are important for them. Don't just stay indoor as outdoor has got fresh air and many more to explore. I am happy to spread the goodness of drinking Friso Gold because son's happy and stronger inside out. Always remember that your children need your presence more than your presents.

For more details of the product, you can visit and Facebook Friso Gold Malaysia.

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  1. My niece drink Friso Gold as well. That's why she so smart all the time. =3

  2. hehehe omg they're so adorable and cute! Didn't know the type of powdered milk that kids drink will affect them so much! Thanks so sharing this :)

  3. my daughter used to drink Friso but not now lah... and that must be why she is just too fearless and smart

  4. hahaha.... ur son is so cute! drinking Friso is a smart choice as i saw a lot of my mummy frens bought this also


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