Thursday, January 9, 2014

Johnson's Blue Bath: Media Interview with Dr. Leong Kin Fon

Good day everyone, how's your day? I attended the Johnson's Blue Bath Media Interview with Dr. Leong Kin Fon. The media was held in The Gardens Hotel & Residences.
Above beautiful MC of the day is Sheahnee, she's mommy of two now.
Dr. Leong Kin Fon is currently a Paediatric Dermatologist with Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
Professional experience
  • Hospital Kuching, Sarawak
  • Institute Paediatric Hospital Kuala Lumpur as a Paediatrician
  • Charite Hospital in Germany
  • National Taiwan University Taipei
  • Malawi Hospital, Mzuzu, Africa; and
  • NSH Hospital, Cambridge, England.

above is Dr. Leong Kin Fon explaining of the skin.
Above is a chart info on the average skin thickness
Do you know that baby skin cells are smaller than adult skin cells. Baby skin is 30% thinner than adult skin.

I want to thank Johnsons for giving me the opportunity to attend to understand of how's toddler's skin is still not ready for adult cleansers. The adult cleansers we are using are not suitable for them. I get to know of what cause eczema and ectopic eczema.

The importance of cleansing is not use remove unwanted material effectively, help prevent undesirable consequences such as infections. Not just killing the 99.9% germs, but modify the local environment for "good" bacteria to grow.

What we need to look for a mild and gentle cleansing product for babies should?
  • maintain the skin hydration without disrupting its pH, lipid and humectants.
  • be mild and gentle for non-sensitive type of babies' skin, non-irritating and non-sensitizing, with approved low allergenic potential preservatives & fragrances.
I am sure everyone knows that Johnson's baby has been in the market for many years. Do you know when it started? It's in the year of 1895. Johnson's baby is expertise in defining baby care over 119 years, Johnson's baby has been a leader in understanding of infant skin needs and creating products that meet these needs, bonding between baby & mother and designing products to reinforce this natural bond.

Johnson's baby have a strong commitment to safety & performance with all products undergo thorough safety review and clinical safety evaluations. They have clinical studies are performed to ensure mildness to both skin and eyes to demonstrate skin benefits.

They don't sting the eyes, and clinically proven mildness.

Above from left is Dr. Leong Kin Fon, right is Irene Cheah Group Brand Manager of Johnson's baby.
From this media I get to meet up with blogger friends, they are Illy, Kylie, Jane, and Rane.
Above are my children, both of them want to show the  Johnson's baby bath they share.
Johnson's baby bath milk + rice
helps complete skin nourishment for smoother and healthier skin
Johnson's baby bath bedtime bath
proven to help baby sleep better releases NATURALCALM essences
Johnson's baby bath peach
Vitamin E + Peach Formula
Moisturizes skin and keeps it healthy
Johnson's baby cooling bath
natural honeysuckle refreshes skin and helps prevent prickly heat
and the new Johnson's baby bath
soap-free, hypoallergenic



  1. Nice meeting you during the event!~

  2. @kylie wenn, nice to see you again :D

  3. @choypengism, yes so awesome!

  4. Johnson's product has been established for years and a reliable brand in the market.
    I used to buy this brand for my son when he was a baby :) Now ... teenager already!

  5. Johnson's product is very established and a reliable brand. I used to buy this brand for my son when he was a baby. Tender and mild for baby skin :)

  6. Johnson's products are very established and is a reliable brand. I used to buy for my son when he was a baby. Gentle to the skin, especially great for tender baby skin :)

  7. Johnson's products are really great not just for babies but for adults too, until now i'm still using their products :D


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